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Insolvency: project expertise

  • Insolvency of a big leasing company.
    Case description: with the insolvency procedure the debtor tried to avoid refund of money received under loan agreements. Whereby the creditor (our Client) is a minority creditor of the debtor (23% votes), and the majority creditor of the debtor (above 70% votes) is a “friedly” to the debtor;
  • Pledge holder’s insolvency.
    Case description: via liquidation through insolvency the pledgor tried to avoid enforcement of the pledged property (movables and real estate) – a manufacturing facility of a big wagon-repair plant being under pledge of our Client;
  • Advocacy of a pledge lender in insolvency proceedings of a debtor under liquidation.
    Case description: protection of a creditor’s claims secured by pledge against fraud of the debtor's administrator aimed at excluding the Client’s claims from the creditors’ register, in particular, protection against disputing the debtor’s pledge (mortgage) agreements, appeal against actions (omissions) of the receiver and sales of the pledged property at auctions for the best favor of the Client;
  • Challenge against wrongful liquidation of a debtor aimed at further protection of its creditors in insolvency proceedings.
    Case description: invalidation of the liquidation entry in the United State Register of Legal Entities of a big construction company and further initiating of insolvency proceedings for the debtor in order to satisfy the creditor’s claims by disputing the debtor’s deals made short before liquidation;
  • Representation of a scheduled creditor in a separate dispute to invalidate the sale of 6 788 railway cars and two drill units under a chain of sales contracts signed on the same date for the amount above RUR 9 billions;
  • Insolvency of a big boiler equipment supplier in Moscow and Moscow Region with a hostile major creditor;
  • Insolvency of affiliated companies, where the creditors included credit institutions being pledge holders.
    Case description: insolvency proceedings, in particular, support of sales of the pledged property for the best favor of the debtor and its founders;
  • Representation of the Client in protection of the disputed deal by the State Agency of Deposit Insurance for more than RUR 500 millions;
  • Support of the insolvency dismissal of a property management company, whereby the hostile receiver was interested in the soonest administration in order to sell the debtor’s assets to affiliated persons;
  • Debt restructuring for big manufacturing and construction companies via insolvency. 

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